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Diverse range of products

Our range of products has been developed to correspond to the special needs of the end users. The POLKKY product family provides a wide selection of standard and special sawn timber as well as different wood products for all types of construction. In addition to our standard products, we manufacture customer-specific solutions.

Only genuine northern timber is used to make Polkky products. Northern timber has, by nature, a dense grain structure, a large heartwood proportion and smaller than average knots. These qualities make it an excellent raw material for processing and create an exceptional surface quality.

Declarations of performance:

DoP Machine strength graded structural timber
DoP Gluelam

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- - - polkky_sawn.jpg High quality, sawn timber products for use in construction and as raw materials for industry.
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- - - polkky_panelfloor.jpg Interior panels and floorboards for indoor décor as well as exterior panels for new building and reconstruction; also available with surface treatment!
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- - - polkky_frame.jpg A wide range of different framing products, such as frame posts, subfloor structures and roof structures. Lengths up to 13 m!
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- - - polkky_decks.jpg Impregnated wood products for quay and garden construction. Environmentally-friendly pressure-treated wood.
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- - - polkky_component.jpg Customer-specific preforms and components for the joinery, furniture and building industries.
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- - - polkky_giant.jpg A wide range of glued wood products for log and housing construction.
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- - - polkky_farm.jpg Screened, shrink-wrapped shavings for use as bedding for livestock.
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