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Wood procurement

All of the timber used by Pölkky's production facilities are procured by Pölkky Metsä Oy. The competent staff ensures the flexible and practical supply of raw materials. Our partnership-oriented approach involves ensuring that the forestry division is also aware of our customers' demands. The wood acquisition company acquires, fells and transports the raw materials from the forest to the sawmills.

Looking to sell timber?

Pölkky Metsä Oy purchases a total of about 650,000 m³ of pine and spruce timber on an annual basis. Pölkky Oy's modern milling technology makes it possible to utilise timber with a diameter as small as nine centimetres. Good relations and long-term co-operation with local woodland owners and wood procurement organisations guarantee a reliable supply of timber. If you are looking to sell timber, please contact the Pölkky Metsä purchasing manager in your area.


Our wood acquisition is based on the principles of sustainable forest management; after all, the forests are also our living environment. Our purchasing managers know the environmental conditions in their own area of operations, and take the requirements of the forest itself into consideration throughout the procurement phase.


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