Exceptional floorboards with a quality surface


Pölkky timber makes a durable and beautiful flooring. Manufactured from dense grain heartwood, Pölkky timber with four-sided tongue and grooving is an exceptional floorboard with a quality surface that resists wear. As a material for interior use, it helps to maintain a healthy internal air quality and feels warm to the touch. As the years go by, this wood continues to improve in appearance due to the process of patination. The ecological properties of the product add to its longevity; instead of replacing it, the surface is renewed by giving it a light sanding and a new surface treatment.

Four-sided tongue and grooved pine floorboards are suitable for both new building and reconstruction. The floorboards are also suitable for buildings that do not have year-around heating. The end grooving creates a smooth look and makes the installation extremely easy. In addition to our standard products, we manufacture customer-specific solutions.

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